MY very Famous Gandhi Paratha :)

Hi All,

Its been long since I posted anything on this blog. I started posting in the very famous Chef At Large group in the FB groups. My most famous post there was Gandhi Paratha. I tried to make gandhiji on a paratha for my 3.8 yr old son who dressed up as Gandhiji on 2nd october.



gandhi paratha 1



I posted this pic on CAL FB and everyone appreciated it very much. My Gandhi Paratha got so hit that it went around watsapp and facebook like crazy that day. Only disappointment was that some people had put their name on it.. that is so not true.. Gandhi paratha is totally my creation. Then i decied from here on I should watermark my pics. Thanks to photoshop i did that and from on planning to do it on all my pics i upload in the blog.



Gandhi Parath
Gandhi Parath


I made gandhi paratha  using cucumber majorly for glasses, mush and eye pupils. Tomato  for ears and for lips. I was not very happy with the lips . I cudnt cut it cleanly. Eyeballs I made using paneer.

When my son Pranav came back from school i served him this paratha and he was excited.

IMG_20141001_131045 copy



IMG_20141001_130744 copy



IMG_20141001_130731 copy


IMG_20141001_130711 copy



IMG_20141001_130707 copy




Love you my kiddo… Allways smile like this.. muah




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